Winterizing your boat with Dry Dock Marine


We are refusing to believe it, but our Summer boating season is winding down to an end. The kids are back in school, cooler evening temperatures are felt by many and shorter days are becoming more noticeable. For some, they will run their boats until every last ray of sunshine has shined down and the grey clouds have taken over the skies. For most, it is time to get the boat ready for off-season storage and shift into Fall/Winter. 

How will you prepare your boat for the winter season and what will you do to have it “turn key” in the spring? Some people attempt to do this work themselves to “save money” but each and every spring we see boat come in to our shop in the spring with substantial damage from not properly winterizing their boat. Cracked engine blocks, exhaust manifolds, broken water lines and many other boo boos that are the result of inexperienced people working on their boats. DONT LET THIS BE YOU!

Dry Dock Marine offers many services to help you save time, energy and have peace of mind knowing that the boat has been fully winterized and ready for the below-zero temperatures we will face during the winter months. 

We proudly offer:

-Full winterization of inboard & outboard engines

-Full ballast system winterization

-Full house water system winterization

-Heatercore blowout & winterization

-Mechanical maintenance:

  – Oil/filter changes

  – Leg oil changes

  – Transmission/V-drive fluid changes

  – Electrical system inspections & upgrades

  – Fuel stabilization


We also offer:

-Boat storage

-Shrink Wrapping

– Boat valet from your dock to our shop for winterization and/or shrink wrapping then valet  to final destination for storage

-Boat bottom washing (we remove all of the lake slime from your boat’s hull bottom)

-Boat washing & interior detailing


-Winter work on your vessel, installations and much, much more!


Contact Dry Dock Marine (250)-510-0022 to schedule in your boat and have it professionally serviced, winterized and shrink wrapped for the off-season.


Article by:

Joshua Tisch

DDM Group