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Dry Dock Marine Group is located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Dry Dock Marine Group is proud to provide Vancouver Island with a premier boat concierge and valet service.

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Our goal here at DDM is to facilitate any of our members’ needs regarding the storage, maintenance and logistics involved with owning a pleasurecraft.

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View the video to learn more about the many quality services we offer.

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We are excited to announce that we are expanding our business to offer on the water services for vessels everywhere on Vancouver Island. We would like to invite all marina owners and management, boat brokerages and dealers to benefit from our services. Team up with Dry Dock Marine Group, let us help you sell your boats faster and keep your marina looking top notch!

DDM is like a cooperative with membership available to all. We offer reduced labour rates to our members to ensure that they are always getting the best rates and pricing for their investment’s upgrades and upkeep.

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Here are some of the many services that Dry Dock Marine Group offers:
  • Interior deep cleaning and mold remediation.
  • Proprietary mold protection for the complete interior of vessels; 12 month guarantee no growth. (mold, mildew, algae, etc)
  • Shrink-wrapping on per boat basis with a free quote
  • DDM is an authorized Seadek dealer. Check out their amazing product! www.seadek.com
  • Regular interior maintenance and housekeeping, provisioning, laundry services, steam cleaning, vacuuming, general cleaning and more.
  • Exterior maintenance; vessel washing, pressure washing, waxing, machine polishing and gelcoat maintenance, teak restoration, painting, caulking, metal polishing and more.
  • Bilge, engine and mechanical room detailing.

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*Heavy gelcoat restoration and repair will require vessel be Dry Docked at owners’ expense.

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General cleaning starts at $45 per crew member.

Heavy restoration and repairs starts at $55 per crew member.

DDM requires a minimum of 2 crew members for the safety of our crews while working on the water.

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Basic Cleaning and Housekeeping:

• Deck and transom washing
• Vinyl cleaning and conditioning
• Dusting
• Vacuuming
• Window washing
• Head/Bathroom cleaning
• Galley and Dishes
• Wood cleaning
• Light metal polishing[/unordered_list][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_separator type=”transparent” up=”38″ down=”0″][unordered_list style=”circle” animate=”yes”]

Extra/Specialty Cleaning:

• Laundry, Linen service
• Groceries and supply shopping, provisioning
• Fridge clean and organize
• Wood restoration
• Detailed metal polishing
• Mildew removal and protection
• Cupboard and/or closet organizing
• Wall washing
• Canvas cleaning and care
• Carpet/Steam cleaning
• Fabric guard
• Engine and compartment cleaning/degreasing
• Bilge cleaning

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We’re Proud of Our Work

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We use only top notch suppliers. For our clients, only the best will do!

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