A happy coincidence that resulted in an amazing new member to Dry Dock Marine Group. During the winter months at the DDM shop, I had been putting in some hours on my personal boat “Church”. I have added a 50W solar panel to make sure that my batteries are always charging while the boat is not in use.

Currently, DDM is in the process of locking in a distributor for LiFePo4 batteries for marine use. Amidst all the emails and orders, I ordered a solar charge controller for lithium batteries. Upon arrival, it was apparent that the charge controller would only charge lithium batteries, and would not charge standard SLA properly. I made a call to WeGoSolar in Chemainus, BC, and had a nice conversation with one of the owners, Drew. The next morning I met with Drew to pick up a beautiful little morningstar 6a charge controller. Turns out Drew had been looking for an installer that could bring the DDM standard of work to WeGoSolar and its marine and RV customers.

Such an exciting day to walk into an office to pick up a component and walk out with a new Dry Dock Marine Group member. Welcome to the Group, we are looking forward to working with you Drew and Carolyn.

For any and all that are looking for Solar panels and the systems that go along with it check out the WeGoSolar website. They do amazing work with the sun and you can find their works here!

They are also on Instagram and Facebook