Dry Dock Marine | Membership Rates & Discounts
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Membership Rates & Discounts

Membership Structure

We welcome all boats under 30′ at Dry Dock Marine. 30′ and up on a per boat consultation.


Basic outdoor storage. 
$75 per/month  for boats up to 20′ LOA. 
$4 ft per/month for boats greater than 20′ LOA
Pick up and drop off by appointment for basic storage. Appointments to be made VIA the www.drydockmarine.group website interactive calendar, email or telephone.
ALL VESSELS MUST HAVE A CURRENT INSURANCE POLICY. Proof of policy must be provided before storage commences.                  
DryDock Marine has a tiered membership structure starting at $7 per/ft LOA. Affordable for everyone, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of reasonably priced shop rates and discounts on select services. Membership structure is set up as follows:


  • $7 per/ft LOA
    • Outside storage at DDM facility of your choice
    • 10% off shrink wrapping services
    • 5% off shop labor during off season (Nov.-Feb.)
    • 50 Kms logistics
  • $10 per/ft LOA
    • $7 per/ft pkg. plus
    • Covered storage
    • Annual trailer inspection
    • Salt water washdown with boat trailering service
    • 100 Kms logistics
    • Annual bottom wash to remove moorage algae and growth
  • $13 per/ft LOA
    • $10 per/ft pkg. plus
    • Inside storage
    • Cover services (boat drying)
    • 10% off shop labor during off season (Nov.-Feb.)
    • 150 Kms logistics
    • Annual bottom wash accompanied by full boat wash
    • Battery maintenance
  • $16 per/ft LOA
    • $13 per/ft pkg. plus
    • Annual gelcoat maintenance
    • 200 Kms logistics
    • Basic winterizing
    • 15% off shop labor during off season (Nov.-Feb.)
  • $20 per/ft LOA
    • $16 per/ft pkg. plus
    • Bi-annual gelcoat maintenance
    • Bi-annual bottom wash
    • 250 Kms logistics
  • “The Full Boat” $22 per/ft LOA
    • $20 per/ft pkg. plus
    • 300 Kms logistics

These DDM membership packages are to serve as a baseline example of what we do for you. Every boat owner is unique as is every boat. All of our members will have their DDM membership designed to their specific needs. We also cater to annual moorage vessels, check out our on the water services page. We are looking forward to helping you!