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Dry Dock Marine Group is the first to offer a one of a kind Boat Concierge experience for all boating enthusiasts. We are your personal Boat Valet, just hop aboard and go!
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About Us

Dry Dock Marine Group is the first to offer a one of a kind Boat Concierge & Valet experience for all boating enthusiasts.

We take the hassle away provide a worry free, safe and enjoyable on-water experience without the inconveniences of trailering, uncovering, fuelling, launching, loading, trailering back to boat storage, drying, battery maintenance, and all of the work that comes along with being a boat owner.

Just hop into your boat and cast lines with the reassurance that Dry Dock Marine Group has taken care of all the pre launch maintenance!


Dry Dock Marine Group | Boat Valet Vanocuver Island

Small Beginnings, Big Dreams

From personal experience I have seen how many boaters struggle at the boat launches throughout BC. Many boaters only launch and load one time per season. I worked a prominent marina for many years and I’ve seen it all. It was commonly referred to as the launch ramp show, pull up a chair and have a laugh.


I personally always felt the need to help, unfortunately when working as an employee these decisions are not decisions employees make. The need to help is one of the many reasons Dry Dock Marine Group was established.


I have a thorough passion for boats and enjoy putting smiles on other people’s faces when it comes to anything boating related. Dry Dock Marine Group employees, all of them even the book keepers, will be there to help if they see any boater struggling.


Our members enjoyment of their boat is our utmost priority. Dry Dock Marine Group will do whatever it takes to ensure our members have a truly fabulous, worry free day on the water. Dry Dock Marine Group is leading the charge in how people enjoy and capitalize on their investment.


A bit of Background on Luc, Owner of Dry Dock Marine Group:

I guess we start at the beginning of my passion for boats. My family used to summer at a small complex of cabins on osoyoos lake when I was a child. My first real memory of boats was in Osoyoos during the summer of 1985. I remember when we arrived, it was hot, really hot but that didn’t matter. There it was a Banana Yellow Hondo flat bottom jet boat with a huge big block engine. My mother tells the story something like, “We arrived and you disappeared, we found you an hour later 5 cabins down with that banana boat.” Over the course of the week I had many rides and lots of fun behind that jet boat.


Skip forward 20 plus years, with an array of employment ranging from commercial truck driver, body shop guy, drilling rigs  and many custom cars later. I had a friend ask me to polish his boat the same way that I had polished his car. This led to my first attempt at running my own shop. I teamed up with a gentleman who was buying boats from repo auctions in the USA and importing them to Canada. I applied my skills to many of the boats that he brought to Canada, but eventually the boat importing stopped and so did my attempt running my own shop.


Shortly after I became a member of the amazing team of owners and staff at Shuswap Marina. I have L. Seys and her son G. Seys to thank for  putting me in the position to grow my skills and further my knowledge of boats and their major systems. Thank you both and all at the marina staff for all the years from 2010- 2017.

My knowledge and confidence of boats has grown from the basics, to technical installations such as trim tab systems, radar, electronics,  NMEA 2000 systems,  ballast systems, holland marine bow thruster, stereos, 12v and 110v electrical systems, all manner of plumbing, and retrofit/restorations of many vessels.


From boats washing up on shore, sunken boats, on water vessel rescue, racking boats, trailering oversize vessels, packing the storage building with sometimes centimeters to spare. It has all led to this, Dry Dock Marine. I keep my equipment immaculate, I can show you that. I want to keep your equipment in the “WOW! Nice Boat” immaculate condition. Take all the headache and hassle out of your day on the water. All you should be doing is enjoying your investment. DDM will do the rest for you.


I feel blessed to have a passion for my job, as the saying goes ” if you love your job it’s not work at all”. You are probably wondering, what brings you to Vancouver Island Luc? Well I grew up on the Island and my entire family lives in Ladysmith. Samantha and I decided that Marek our son needed to have a closer relationship with his family. My son is my driving force, I really hope that his love for boats continues to grow. I would be a happy man if he takes over DDM someday.


Looking forward to working as the Boat Concierge on your boat, Luc. 

For Members

Enjoy the benefits of becoming a DDM member for free. Invest in your boat with us and enjoy membership on us!
Ask us about our ONE WAY TRIPS. Ask us about our one of a kind tiered membership structure. Become a member and enjoy the discounts!

For Investors

Become part of the Dry Dock Marine Group. Invest in our growth and receive top tier care for your investment, at a fraction of standard pricing. Watch the growth and use the services of your company. 100% of your investment will be put into expanding and adding to Dry Dock Marine Group facilities. Minimum investments apply.


See more of supernatural BC, as Dry Dock Marine Group grows, investors will enjoy free transport between locations on an annual basis. Looking to purchase a boat? Concerned about care and maintenance costs? Ask about partnering up with Dry Dock Marine Group for your next boat purchase. We consider this investment in the growth of the Dry Dock Marine Group.

For Non Members

Membership is definitely not mandatory. Here at Dry Dock Marine Group we love boats, all boats! We are happy to work on all power boats, even boaters who decide not to be members.


Shop rate for non-members is $89 per/hr, subject to change without notice.

“Become a member and lock in your labor rates!”

For Employees

Dry Dock Marine Group is always looking for meticulous minded people with a passion for boats to join our team. Stop in and introduce yourself. Have a chat about boats with us, we want to meet the people who want to be a part of our team.


Boat Storage, Maintenance, and Logistics and Vancouver Island’s only Boat Concierge and Boat Valet.

Advanced Technology

Dry Dock Marine intends to re-invest in it's growth. Procurement of technology including; Fleet GPS tracking with dash cams, front and rear. State of the art security for storage facilities. Members rest assured, with the ability to view their investment from their smartphone anytime anywhere.

New Ideas

Here at Dry Dock Marine Group we are always looking for green, innovative ideas. We will be perpetually working towards lowering our carbon foot print. From self-sustaining storage facilities to bio-degradable chemicals, rain water collection, and Low emission fleet vehicles. We are growing towards a cleaner, greener future for our planet Earth.

Dedicated Support

Dry Dock Marine teams up with C-Tow. Enjoy your day on the water with the assurance that any emergency big or small, we are prepared! Dry Dock Marine Group also has reputable certified marine technicians that we team with to work on our members boats.

Company Offerings

Dry Dock Marine is a progressive profit sharing company. We want to grow! Ask us how you can become more than just a member.

Marine Know How

Boat aesthetics install/repair professional. Mechanical engineer for custom design application. Combined marine operating experience well over 70,000 hours on the water.

Contact Our Company

Please feel free to contact Dry Dock Marine Group through email or by phone.


We’re Proud of Our Work

We use only top notch suppliers. For our clients, only the best will do!

  • Clarion
  • Scotty
  • Kenwood
  • MotorGuide
  • MotorGuide
  • Land n Sea
  • Marine Equipment Catalogue
  • SeaDek