This has been one of the longest winters weather-wise in recent memory. We thought it would never come but here we are! May Long Weekend is here! This weekend is the un-official start to the boating season on the South Coast. Many months of rain and lower than normal seasonal temperatures have definitely pushed back people’s boating plans further than usual. With a decent looking forecast ahead this weekend, we should start to see an uptick of boat traffic on Lake Cowichan. With this in mind, below are a few things to consider when heading out on the water with friends and family.


  1. Do you have all of your safety gear onboard and is it in good condition and up to date? Are your batteries in your water-tight flashlight charged or replaced? Make sure you are compliant with the current Transport Canada Safety Regulations 


  1. Have you Summerized your engine? It is good practice to check your fluids, ensure the battery is fully charged and give your engine a general visual inspection before starting it. Running your boat on land with the garden hose and muffs before you head all the way to the launch. This will confirm your boat is in operational condition and save you time in the long run. While you run your engine, check over the rest of your boat’s systems and ensure they are working properly. This includes horn, blower, nav light, anchor light and bilge pump. Don’t forget to install the drain plug(s)! If you are unsure about to how summerize your boat properly or to get it water-ready, Dry Dock Marine can assist you in getting your pleasure craft ready for summer fun.


  1. When heading out on the water for the first couple months of the season, Always be on the lookout for floating debris on the water. With all the heavy rainfall and melting snow pack, creeks, rivers and streams swell up with the amount of waterflow bringing down wood debris and eventually into the lake. Encourage your 1st mate to be on the lookout for floating logs in the water. Early season impacts can occur in the blink of an eye. Stay safe out there and from all of us at DDM, have a great long weekend!


By: Joshua Tisch

DDM Group